• 2017 Jul Brand News Update Lancome

  • 2017 Jul Brand News Update Lancome

  • 2017 Jul Brand News Update Lancome

This Parisian designer is the darling of fashion insiders, who love her ultra-feminine style brimming with quirky detail and joyful colour... This season, Lancôme invites Olympia Le-Tan to bring all her talent to an exciting new collection for the Maison: Olympia’s Wonderland.

This exceptional capsule collection marks the latest chapter in Lancôme's long history of collaboration with the fashion world. Alber Elbaz, Yiqing Yin, Jacquemus, Alexandre Vauthier, Anthony Vaccarello, and Julie de Libran for Sonia Rykiel… An illustrious rollcall of designers who have expressed their vision of beauty and make-up through unique collaborative projects with Lancôme 

Cute yet sophisticated, classic yet edgy, the Olympia’s Wonderland collection is a reflection of what unites Lancôme and Olympia Le-Tan – an extravagant love of colour and unapologetic sexiness with a decidedly offbeat Parisian chic.

Olympia Le-Tan and Lancôme unveil a wildly desirable collector’s item: the first make-up palette to perfectly mirror the designer’s minaudière clutch-books.Just like the handbags that inspired it, this unprecedented palette is sheathed in cotton embroideries patterned like the cover of an antique book. An imaginary book, as it happens... What’s it entitled? Olympia’s Wonderland, of course. And the design? The collection’s emblematic angel on a cloud, leafing through a novel while the air around her is alive with fluttering pages. And the colours? Pink, and yet more pink, Olympia Le-Tan’s signature colour, in a subtle rainbow of shades from purple to carmine red. In an ultimate sign of sophistication, the sides are gilt-edged like the most precious tomes of literature.


Inside, blusher, eyeshadow and lipsticks bring back the glamour of the Fifties with an ultra-contemporary twist. An important detail to note: each of these shades is a reworked version of a colour Olympia Le-Tan chose from Lancôme’s archives and updated. In fact, they all bear their original name and date.


For starlet eyes, four eyeshadows combine to create a plum-coloured smoky eye with metallic glints: Gris Argent 1988, a glittery steel colour, Brun Nacré 1965, a slightly iridescent taupe, Paradis 1956, a deep burgundy, and Nommé Désir 1971, a muted white. There’s a retro feel about this palette, but the formulation is up-to-the-minute: these creamy, richly pigmented eyeshadows melt onto the eyelids to guarantee a long-lasting look.


And for the cheeks – well, of course it’s got to be pink! A blusher, embossed with a ribbon motif taken from a 1950s Lancôme powder compact, disperses its hot pink pigments across the skin to create the glowing, gentle flush of a modern-day baby doll... Irresistible! 


Last but not least, lips get their share of attention. A universal colour-fixative base is overlaid with four lip powders: lip colour that reinvents the powdered effect of bygone days, thanks to its extra-fine and luminous velvety texture. And the shades? The cold violet of Rouge de Rose 1955, Rouge Profond 1988 and the flamboyant red…Olympia 1980, a genuine beauty and style statement. Naturally.