Party of the Town YSL BEAUTY CLUB Hong Kong Drawn Upon the Magnificent Victoria Harbour Previewing the All-New TATOUAGE COUTURE

  • 2017 Oct YSL brand party

  • 2017 Oct Brand News

  • 2017 Oct Brand News

The YSL Beauty Club Party was held on September 26th at Harbour City in Hong Kong after hosting at other cities including Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai. The annual party has invited over a thousand guests who includes renowned celebrities such as Aaron Kwok and Charlene Choi, fashionistas and loyal fans.

The party pit perfectly embodied the boldness, youthfulness and free spirit of YSL Beauté. Apart from stunning stage against a backdrop of the spectacular Victoria Harbour, there were also multiple themed photo booth allowing guests to unleash their wild side. There was also an outdoor mega neon ball pit and many couldn’t resist but to take off their heels to jump into the pit and enjoyed a night out.

The event brought digital party experience to the next level with its mobile party app that allowed guests to customize their own photo albums, download official photos and videos, as well as printing their photos instantly at the site. 

Party guests also got the chance to try the newly-launched TATOUAGE COUTURE collection, and get the name engraved TATOUAGE COUTURE right at the site from the "LIPSTICK ENGRAVING ATM", the only YSL lipstick vending machine in town.