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As a leader in e-commerce beauty, CREATEURS DE BEAUTE.COM offers women, wherever they are, cosmetics innovative and latest trends, signed by talented creators.

Egérie Club des Créateurs de Beauté

Created in 1987, CREATEURS DE BEAUTE.COM, a leader in e-commerce beauty, was launched as part of an innovative concept: provide women, wherever they are, innovative cosmetics and access to the latest trends, from talented creators. agnès b. offers customizable makeup and a men’s skincare line, Cosmence makes available the best products stemming from scientific research and Jean-Marc Maniatis makes our lives easier with his haircare line. Fifi Chachnil boasts a feminine and frivolous world of fragrances and Christophe Felder introduces us to gourmet cosmetics. We cannot forget the hi-tech products offered by Professeur Christine Poelman nor the new beauty routines prescribed by Ida Delam.

L’Embellisseur Abricot and Rouge b. Perfect !, Color e shampoo, Bust Up Tenseur or the Stick Correcteur… many of these legendary products have transformed the lives of women and demonstrate the rich variety of this creative concept !