Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has been defining American fashion since 1967. His vision is not to create fashion, but to create a lifestyle that goes beyond trends.

Ralph Lauren Model

In 1978, Ralph Lauren expanded its brand to include fragrances, introducing Lauren for women and Polo for men. For more than 30 years, Ralph Lauren Fragrances has developed new fragrances that express a strong personality and a luxurious lifestyle in the tradition of the brand.

Ralph Lauren fragrances is a portfolio of high-end fragrances for men and women,including World Of Polo (Polo, Polo Blue, Polo Black, Polo Red,) Ralph Lauren Romance and the Big Pony Collections for Women and For Men.

Fragrances for men:

  • Polo is a tribute to the rich heritage of racing.
  • Polo Blue evokes fresh air, liberty and a relaxed elegance.
  • Polo Black is bold, contemporary and sopisticated.
  • Polo Red is an adrenaline rush for the thrill-seeker in every man.
  • The Big Pony Collection For Men prepares men for all the “playing fields” of life: sports, seduction, adventure and style.

Fragrances for women:

  • Ralph Lauren Romance speaks of timeless romance of a first love.
  • Ralph is sassy and sweet like a young woman.
  • The Big Pony Collection for Women lets women live all the facets of their character: sporty, sensual, free-spirited and sophisticated .

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