Brandstorm: a breakthough innovation

Brandstorm: A different kind of innovation

Brandstorm: A different kind of innovation

A competition in the students’ world, Brandstorm has been distinguished in the Human Resources field. The competition attracted over 100,000 participants from 58 countries in 25 years. It contributes to L'Oréal's image as an employer by enabling young talent to discover the company, its challenges and its culture "from the inside" while developing the employability of the participants by providing educational resources. Brandstorm enables to recruit 150 to 200 profiles each year. Hong Kong Introduced Branstorm in 2005, since then 1,253 participants took part in the competition and 21 participants have joined the company and worked in various positions.

In 2017, Brandstorm repositioned itself and became an innovation incubator for talent and their projects.!

Brandstorm in 2016

13,000 participants
Over 300 campuses
58 countries
Over 100,000 students have participated in Brandstorm throughout its 25 years