Digital Marketing and Communications

The new 360-degree communication and marketing strategies make it possible to develop a direct relationship with consumers while boosting brand image and positioning.

Working within a brand or country department, digital marketing and communication teams define 360-degree communication strategies for the brands and products for which they are responsible in line with the positioning and objectives of the brand concerned and ensure the effective deployment of campaigns. They design retail websites which they run and update while developing meaningful content that boosts the brand image. Lastly they use a range of existing tools to increase the number of hits on websites and enrich the customer database.

some functions

Content Manager
Your mission is to increase, in line with the objectives for each brand, the awareness of a brand and products by developing online and offline communication. You are particularly responsible for supporting the launch of new products and for making the best of the brand strategy through events, partnerships with ambassadors, sponsorship, etc.

International Digital Manager
You define and deploy an international 360-degree strategy in line with the brand positioning and objectives. You produce content to adapt the approach to the needs of the market, define and design online campaigns that are interactive and creative to coincide with product launches.

Country Digital Manager
You define and implement at local level the integrated strategy defined internationally, applying it in effective interactive digital campaigns that are tailored to the needs of your market.

Community Manager
You promote the positioning of the brand for which you are responsible through the social media by setting up and running consumer communities. You provide the communities with relevant content and involve consumers in a long-term relationship through discussions on topics related to the brand.

Social Media Manager
You define and deploy the international social media strategy in line with the brand positioning and objectives, producing content that will enable the country to adopt the best approach to social media and run communities according to the needs of their markets.