Supply Chain

The Supply Chain function is one of the pivots of the group’s business: It provide consumers worldwide with an outstanding catalogue of products and brands.

L’Oréal develops and markets a range of outstanding brands in extremely varied distribution circuits in a great many countries. Supply Chain therefore plays a key part in the group’s development. L’Oréal’s Supply Chain is integrated and structured around the main sectors of business.

The industrial logistics teams manage production scheduling, plant procurement and subcontracting and manage the warehouses of raw materials and packaging items.

The international logistics teams oversee the synchronisation of the logistics chain and procurement flow management, manage the catalogue of products used in sales operations and coordinate product launches.

Lastly the sales logistics teams manage demand, develop services for the group’s commercial partners and supply the retail outlets.

In a complex international environment the teams take several factors into account: quality of service, flexibility, cost control and improving the productivity and quality of logistics sites.

some functions

Demand Planner
You use the sales history to manage the planning process and sales forecast. Together with the sales, marketing and management control teams you are also responsible for coordinating the launch of new products and promotional campaigns.

Supply Chain Director
In order to satisfy customer expectations you direct the plant’s logistics teams, allowing for site constraints while closely managing stocks and logistics costs. You also work with the suppliers and launch managers to continuously improve procurement flexibility and efficiency.