Pureology : water saving with Watersaver SalonTM

The Pureology hair care brand is committed to reducing the water consumption of hair salons where it is present. The brand has deployed a digital strategy to raise awareness among hairdressers and their customers. Read on for more details.


After an analysis of a life cycle conducted on one of its shampoos, Pureology found that 99% of the water is used during the product usage phase. In order to estimate the water consumption of each salon where the brand is present, and to optimise awareness levels among hairdressers and their customers with regard to the environmental impact, Pureology has teamed up with Best Foot Forward, a leading body in the field of water, to create a simple and fun tool. Its aim? To allow salon owners to be aware of, control and then reduce their consumption. On a digital platform available on the iPad, hairdressers and stylists can enter their salon’s water consumption and then share it on the social media in order to generate conversations on the subject and enhance collective awareness. This eye-opening analysis facilitates the evaluation of water use by expressing it in understandable units, i.e. glasses of water or showers. The tool also offers a series of easy-to-apply tips for reducing day-to-day water consumption.

Committed salons

Once the salon’s water consumption has been established, two options are available: becoming a “militant” salon on the subject, or making a commitment, via the brand’s historic partnership with Green Cross international, to save water by means of various actions, most notably donations. The salon also becomes eligible for the title of “salon committed to reducing water use”, a sort of “labeling” that helps raise consumer awareness during visits, while at the same time constituting a commitment to reducing the salon’s environmental impact via the water savings achieved.

In tandem, an online facility allows consumers to locate salons which have committed to the process, making a salon’s undertaking to reduce its water consumption a key criterion in consumer choice. A fun and informative way of taking advantage of social and digital habits to raise the awareness of clients and consumers regarding the reduction of daily water use.