Wood PositiveTM : The Body Shop committed to reforestation

With its new Wood PositiveTM label affixed to its products, The Body Shop offers consumers a guarantee of its commitment to planting and protecting more trees than it uses for its packaging. View the details here.

Wood Positive
Wood Positive

On 22 April 2012, to mark “Earth Day”, The Body Shop’s logo in support of reforestation was included for the first time on the brand’s products. This new label, Wood Positive TM, guarantees consumers that the brand is committed to planting and preserving more trees than it uses for all its packaging, at a rate of 110%. The Body Shop has therefore asked the World Land Trust, a foundation dedicated to the protection of tropical forests, to calculate the annual number of hectares of forest which it needs to preserve and replant from this perspective. Two particularly fragile regions have been identified to benefit from this program, Brazil’s tropical Atlantic Forest and the Southern Andes in Ecuador. For the pioneering fair trade brand, this new commitment targets the protection of these forests, but also the living conditions of the communities which occupy them. Given that the equivalent of 86,400 football pitches of tropical forest is disappearing each day, this initiative should attract the support of consumers keen to make responsible purchases.

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The Body Shop committed to reforestation

40,000 trees: In 2012, The Body Shop planted 40,000 trees of 230 different species and protected 45,000 others.