Our sustainability challenge

Sharing beauty with all

Our challenge

Alongside our ambition to reach one billion more consumers in the coming years, our challenge is to produce more, with less impact. It means improving the sustainability of our business, especially of our products. It also means getting the consumer on board. A sustainable future depends on consumers making sustainable choices. 65% of consumers say "I have a responsibility to purchase products that are good for the environment and society." However, research shows these good intentions are not always backed up by actions. How can we bridge the gap between what consumers want and what they actually buy?

Our answer

We are convinced that offering both sustainable and desirable products is the answer, to make it easier for our consumers to make the right choices. To overcome the barriers to sustainable consumption, we’re working on three main areas. First, we’re investing in sustainable innovation, making sure all of our products have environmental or social benefits. Secondly, we will empower consumers to make more informed choices by giving them the clear information they need. And, thirdly, we will use the influence and power of our brands to make sustainability not just the right choice, but the desirable choice. So together we change our behaviour to be more sustainable.

Achieving our vision

Our vision is to make beauty sustainable, and to make sustainability beautiful. Across our value chain, we are committed to improving the way we do business, from research to operations, from marketing to communication with the consumer. At the same time, we will share our growth with our suppliers, our employees and communities around us.

Co-creating our commitments

We have spent more than two years exploring in depth our environmental and social impacts in detail. We set up a materiality analysis, with our internal experts. We then invited feedback through stakeholder forums in the US, South Africa, India, Brazil, China and Northern Europe. We contacted more than 630 external organisations (NGOs, associations, experts), and met with more than 250 of them to discuss our sustainability challenges and their expectations from a Group like us. Our targets are the result of this consultation and co-creation with internal and external stakeholders.