L’Oréal integrates the concept of diversity at all levels of the company to carry out its mission: beauty for all.

Our main actions

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To deploy its policy to promote Diversity wherever the group is present, L’Oréal encourages all the initiatives of its subsidiaries. In emulation of the Diversity Observatories established in France in 2006, a number of subsidiaries have created their own Diversity Observatories, composed of volunteer employees and management representatives. The purpose of these Observatories is to foster respect for diversity and to roll-out actions. Online communities are created to share all these initiatives.

Our approach to promoting diversities

Main diversity actions at L’Oréal

Diversity is an important issue for L’Oréal. It consists of recognizing, accepting, valuing differences and capitalizing on them to accelerate the company's growth. As the undertaking has multiple dimensions, L’Oréal prefers to talk about diversities in the plural. In this field as in others, the group started by taking initiatives, then measured the progress made to professionalize and extend the approach on an international scale.

For L’Oréal, measuring is an essential part of the approach, because it makes it possible to steer the policies being implemented in the area of diversity and in this way, to make progress in these areas. The group accelerates the deployment of its Diversities policy and its corporate values wherever it has a presence and whenever it opens new subsidiaries.

A diversified workforce in every function and on all levels strengthens our creativity and our understanding of consumers and it enables us to develop and market products that are relevant.
Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and CEO of L’Oréal

In L’Oréal's people-centered culture, the diversity of the teams is one of the success factors. Fostering the values of all forms of multiculturalism and respect for differences, the group is enriched by employees from various horizons that enable it to gain a better understanding of the diversity of its consumers and markets. With a portfolio of 27 international brands, a presence in 130 countries, and 72 600 employees, L’Oréal's ambition is to meet the needs of every consumer according to his or her habits and lifestyle. The diversity of its brands and its products is a testimony to its commitment to enhance every type of beauty.

In this way, the group makes diversity an essential value that goes hand in hand with respect for the individual. Integrating the concept of diversity on every level and in every area is to recognize and accept differences but also to promote them to enhance performance. L’Oréal's ambition to win over one billion new consumers is therefore intrinsically linked to its desire to become the world leader in the management of diversities.