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At L’Oréal we believe that inclusiveness is not only a social issue but also a key business driver. Consequently, Diversity & Inclusion is a strategic priority for the Group, and our managers have made a long-term commitment to supporting this policy


Jean-Claude Le Grand
Executive Vice President Human Relations at L’Oréal
“Much Accomplished, Challenges Remain”

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In these videos below, L’Oréal’s Top Executives share their views on Diversity & Inclusion and its value for succeeding in today’s world market.  


Executive Vice-President Operations
What does Diversity stand for you?

Lubomira ROCHET

Chief Digital Officer
What are your key commitments?

Frédéric ROZE

Executive Vice-President of the Americas Zone
Why is Diversity a strategic lever for sustainable growth?

Alexandre POPOFF

Executive Vice-President Eastern Europe and Africa, Middle East
Could you share a country best practice?

Nathalie ROOS

President Professional Products Division
How do you define an inclusive workplace ?