For Women In Science

A pioneering programme for the promotion of women in science.


Since 1998, L’Oréal and UNESCO have supported women researchers throughout the world who contribute to moving science forward. Each year, the For Women in Science Programme highlights scientific excellence and encourages promising talent. The L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards has recognised 82 Laureates, exceptional women who have made great advances in scientific research. Two of them have gone on to receive the Nobel Prize.

The partnership has also developed a global network of International, Regional and National Fellowship programs aimed at supporting young women who represent the future of science. To date, Fellowships have been granted to more than 1,200 women in 103 countries, permitting them to pursue their research in institutions at home or abroad.

In Hong Kong, Professor Nancy IP of HKUST and Professor Vivian YAM of HKU received the International Laureate Award (Asia Laureate) in 2004 and 2011, respectively. In addition, Professor Dan YANG of HKU and Professor Rossa CHIU of CUHK have received the China Young Women in Science Fellowships in 2010 and 2012.