Corporate communication

The corporate communication teams promote the institutional image of the group worldwide. They ensure the quality and uniformity of image that are so vital in today’s interconnected world.

As head of the group’s communication in a subsidiary, the corporate communication teams develop awareness and build the reputation of L’Oréal. The corporate communication teams develop institutional media relations and implement the CSR strategy. They advise general management and the members of the Board on communication and steer subsidiaries’ in-house communication. They also handle crisis communication. Lastly they are responsible for developing a public affairs strategy and managing relations with local institutions and professional bodies on a variety of subjects in which the group has an interest.

some functions

Corporate Communications Director
At country level you develop and implement the group’s global communication strategy. Working closely with the Managing Director, you manage external corporate communication and media relations in the country. You steer crisis management action plans. You organise and ensure internal communications. You implement the group’s CSR programmes at local level and develop country-specific programmes. Lastly, you are responsible for public affairs and manage relations with institutions and external partners.

Philanthropy and Foundation Project Manager
Within L’Oréal’s International team, you develop and manage international philanthropy programs. As a project manager, you initiate sustainable programs related to the group’s mission and values. You look for partnerships with private or public international organizations in relation to the projects, and you assure the international coordination of the projects among the subsidiaries too.

Scientific Communication Director
You develop the scientific communication of a brand or a research department. In order to confirm their visibility or their reputation, you develop the relationships with opinion leaders in the world of scientific experts, you are in charge of the presence of the brand during important scientific events/congress, and you always work hand in hand with specialized journalists. In addition, you authenticate scientific messages given by the Marketing and the Communication teams. Finally, in order to support the product innovation, your expert opinion is solicited to arbitrate the Research constraints and the Marketing needs.