The first mission of the field teams is to make sure that the retailers enforce the commercial agreements negotiated at a national level. They also have a part to play in the brands’ visibility in the retail outlet.

some functions

Regional Sales Manager
To ensure the overall sales strategy is correctly deployed at local level you create a permanent link between general management and the sales teams of your area. You define the sales objectives and implement them at local level. You negotiate sales agreements with the local and regional major customers. You recruit, develop and supervise the staff in your team. Lastly you organise and supervise promotional operations with your distributor customers.

Sales Executive
You ensure that national agreements are complied with at all points of sale in your area. You are responsible for achieving the quantitative and qualitative objectives set by your regional sales manager. You help your customers meet consumer expectations by improving point-of-sales, providing technical support, merchandising expertise, etc. You organise an effective route plan and manage the administrative duties linked to your role.

Merchandising Manager
You ensure that the promotion of group products and brands is as efficient as possible in the different points of sale and you manage relations with customers and consumers, in line with the values of the various brands.

Area Manager for Travel Retail
You manage the business in the duty-free shops in airports as part of a zone, including managing the profitability for one or more brands.

Counter Manager
Your mission: by developing the activity of the shop or of the retail outlet you are in charge of, reaching all your quantitative and qualitative goals. To succeed, it is up to you: you recruit and run your team, you assure the management and the daily organization of the retail outlet according to the procedures you will have defined, you build your action plans according to performance indicators. It is up to you too to create a policy of customer service and to check its good application by your team. You also follow the evolution of the market and the competition.