The challenge the retail teams face is to make each purchase a unique experience and to further enrich the experience with a suitable environment and services.

In retail, the entire experience surrounding the product is a very important field and represents a major factor for L’Oréal. How can we make purchasing the product a unique experience each time? What communication or services should be associated with the product while being consistent with the brand and its values? There are several aspects to answer these questions. Digital communication from the product experience on the Internet to online purchase plays an essential part. The use of visual merchandising and architecture to display and show off products in the retail outlet is also essential. Lastly beauty adviser training and devising the storytelling around the product are central to contact with consumers.

some functions

Retail Design Development Project Manager
Your mission is to contribute to displaying the brand values in the retail outlet by developing the point-of-sale/special events advertising. You are responsible for designing and monitoring the point-of-sale advertising projects and for the installation and user guidelines. You devise the design of one-off events such as launches. You are the contact for the brand at international level and set up communication resources dedicated to retail design.

Commercial Architecture Project Manager
Your mission is to contribute to displaying the brand values in the retail outlet by developing the point-of-sale/institutional advertising. You are responsible for the counters and architectural image of the brand at international level: design, project monitoring, issuing technical guidelines. You design applications for the countries and devise the design of one-off events. You set up retail design communication resources intended for various zones and countries.

Retail Design Operational Project Manager
You are responsible within the retail department for deploying the strategy designed to reinforce the image of a brand and its visibility in the shops in line with the group’s international directives. You adapt the strategy to the constraints of local distribution, you make recommendations for commercial merchandising/architecture solutions in retail outlets and you coordinate the design, production and installation of point-of-sale advertising materials. You work in coordination with the local and international marketing teams and Merchandising teams at international and European level.