Real estate acquisitions, leverage for social inclusion

Property purchases are also a key part of the Solidarity Sourcing program: social responsibility clauses are now included in L’Oréal invitations to tender for the construction of its sites. Focus.

The construction and conversion of buildings is a very important area of purchasing for L’Oréal. It was logical therefore that property should play a role in the “Solidarity Sourcing” project deployed by the group since 2010 to promote social inclusion through its purchases. And now it’s a fait accompli, thanks to the signing of the Property Solidarity Sourcing Charter, which has been issued to the directors of all sites affected by construction and the directors of L’Oréal’s property projects across the globe. In practical terms, invitations to tender must now include social responsibility clauses designed to encourage, within building companies, the social and professional inclusion of the long-term unemployed or those suffering from other types of discrimination. The companies consulted most notably have to commit to a volume of training hours, thus making Solidarity Sourcing one of the criteria for the selection of partner companies, just like the technical quality of their answers, price and the consideration of issues such as the protection of the environment, hygiene and safety.

Did you know?

The Property Solidarity Sourcing Charter has been included in L’Oréal’s internal sustainable design and construction guide.