Well-being at work: head office is being transformed

Convinced that thriving staff are a key factor for its long-term success, L’Oréal makes it a point of honour to offer them a healthy and relaxing working environment. Hence the modernisation of its Clichy head office, a major project launched in 2011 that continued right throughout 2012.

Carefully considered interior conversions

Certified HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale - High Environmental Quality), the refurbishment has been carried out according to the Group’s sustainable design and construction policy. This imposes strong requirements, for example regarding the quality of natural light, the health quality of the materials used and the treatment of air. In order to enhance everyone’s efficiency and comfort, the premises have been designed with both shared and individual spaces, thus permitting the teams to work in total tranquillity. The workstation ergonomics, meanwhile, have been the subject of numerous working sessions with the users. And still with staff comfort in mind, an atrium currently under construction will link the two buildings making up head office. Vast and light-filled, it won’t be a mere walkway but a relaxing space where a new cafeteria will be opened. The whole project is set to be completed during the summer of 2013.

Staff services

Other improvements have also been planned in order to optimise working conditions for the 1,500 staff based on site. Unveiled in September 2012, the catering centre has benefited from an in-depth upgrade. A large landscaped garden will be open to all from 2014 and, in addition to the already existing concierge service and beauty salon, a fitness centre and a hair salon are to be created. Staff from all over the globe, whether occasional or regular visitors to head office, have not been neglected either: they will have their own dedicated areas in the shape of a lounge for frequent travellers and a business centre.

A global commitment

L’Oréal’s subsidiaries have also been busy enhancing their employees’ well-being. In the UK, for instance, a special and highly comprehensive programme has been in place since 2010, encompassing many initiatives such as the promotion of a balanced diet in the staff restaurant and lessons in yoga and bodily expression held on the site each week. An in-depth study of workstation ergonomics has also taken place, while a special well-being section has been set up on the HR Intranet.

The Clichy head office

  • 1,500 staff work at the Clichy site
  • 2014 : The work should be completed on the Clichy site by this date