Commited Hairdressers

The L’Oréal Foundation makes use of its network of partner hairdressers to support major initiatives.

Hairdressers against Aids

Supported by the Foundation, L’Oréal's professional products division, in partnership with UNESCO, offers the program "Hairdressers against Aids", an unprecedented project launched eleven years ago and born of a simple conviction: dialog and prevention play a crucial role in combating the virus. This is why - for the past ten years - professional hairdressers have been trained by 5,000 L’Oréal educators to convey the essential message of prevention in such a way as to play a major role in the day-to-day prevention of the disease. «Four new geographic regions – Sweden, Norway, the Baltic States and the Philippines – recently joined the ever-expanding Hairdressers Against AIDS prevention education programme. In 2012, 37 countries took part in the program "Hairdressers against Aids" and it is estimated that 1.8 million hairdressers have been trained since 2005.»

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Josephine or accessible beauty

Salon Joséphine

In the conviction that appearance plays a role in self-esteem and social success, the L’Oréal Foundation supports "Josephine, for Women's Beauty" an unprecedented initiative that allows women living in poverty to obtain access to beauty care. Established by Lucia Iraci, a former studio hairdresser, Josephine is the first social beauty salon to open in France. It provides beauty care for nominal sums ranging from 1 to 3 euros. The salon is also supported by Gemey-Maybelline and by the professional product division.

In 2012, more than 1,500 women visited the salon

Building on its success, she opened a second salon, in Tours, in September 2012, to which the L’Oréal Foundation also lent its support.

Interview of Lucia Iraci, Founder of Salon Joséphine
“I wanted to create a salon where beauty was accessible to all women and where everyone facing physical, emotional or psychological hardship could rebuild their self-confidence.”

What’s different about this salon?
We’re the first beauty salon in France dedicated to women experiencing hardship. Organisations working with these women tend to underestimate how much a person’s appearance can affect their well-being and self-esteem. In fact, it’s vital. This isn’t about handouts. These women are customers. We ask them to pay a token price of three euros. They feel respected that way.

One year on, has it been a success?
2,670 women have benefited from our services so far! And our appointment book is constantly full! What’s really encouraging is the fact that several women have found jobs after coming here. Others have plucked up the courage to go for interviews or left an abusive partner. I want the salon to do the same for lots of other women!

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