Our ethics program

Our ethics program is voluntary, proactive and evolves with the growth of the group. It is managed through a dedicated organization and is deployed through a complete monitoring system with tools in place to integrate ethics into daily reality.

L’Oréal Ethics Logo
L’Oréal Ethics Logo

Our ethics program is voluntary, proactive and accompanies the group’s growth. It is supported by a dedicated organization and is deployed through a comprehensive monitoring system and tools in order to integrate ethics into daily life at L’Oréal.

More than ten years ago, the group began by formalizing it Code of Business Ethics which it has since enriched on various specific subjects. The framework of its initiatives has been clarified and tools have been developed to heighten its level of expertise and also its standards in this area.

A dedicated organization

Since 2007, a Chief Ethics Officer is in charge of strengthening and implementing an ambitious policy in line with L’Oréal’s growth. The role of the Chief Ethics Officer is to support directors and managers in their decision making and to promote the principles and best practices set out in the Code of Business Ethics and its supplements. The Chief Ethics Officer can rely on a worldwide network of 57 Ethics Correspondents whose role is to support Country Managers in deploying L’Oréal’s Ethics Program. Each year, this network is reinforced, giving local teams access to a local correspondent. The Country Manager is in charge of ensuring that the Code of Business Ethics is respected in his or her country.


The deployment of L’Oréal’s ethics program is based on three major levers.

  • A steering and monitoring system including tools for ethical risk analysis and assessment, a country reporting system and regular audits.

  • Awareness-raising and engagement to promote the involvement of employees at all levels of the group on ethics.
  • Promoting a culture of dialog and transparency : the “Open Talk” policy encourages employees to air their views, express their opinions and report unacceptable demands and behaviour. Exceptionally, if it was not possible for a concern to be handled at a local level, employees can contact the Chief Ethics Officer, namely via a secure internet site. It is currently. It is currently available in German, Arabic, English, Korean, Spanish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.