Isabel Marey-Semper
Executive Vice-President Communications & Public Affairs, General Manager, L'Oréal Foundation


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Isabel MAREY-SEMPER - 47 years old - Executive Vice-President Communications & Public Affairs, General Manager, L’Oréal Foundation.

Isabel MAREY-SEMPER joined L’Oréal in January 2010 as Director of Shared Services for the Research & Innovation Department. In this capacity, Isabel Marey-Semper was in charge of leading the transformation of the Department in pursuit of L’Oréal’s strategy to conquer one billion new consumers. She was subsequently appointed Senior Vice President of Advanced Research of L’Oréal. Isabel Marey-Semper and her team lead the internationalization of Advanced Research with the opening of research centers in India, Singapore and California, and accelerated the use of modeling in the creation of molecules and their evaluation. In coordination with the other R&I teams, she reinforced the importance of placing consumer needs at the heart of the Research strategy.

Isabel Marey-Semper is a graduate of l’Ecole Normale Supérieure de la rue d’Ulm, holds a Ph.D. in Neuro-Pharmacology from Université Paris Pierre et Marie Curie - Collège de France and an MBA from Collège des Ingénieurs, Paris.