L’Oréal chosen by European students

The 2002 edition of the Universum survey, which polled 6,865 students from prestigious universities and professional schools in 14 countries, elected L’Oréal in sixth position of companies they would most like to work for.

A Sought After Employer…

Students from top French business schools ranked L’Oréal number one. In the general ranking, which polled students from French business schools as well as engineering schools, L’Oréal was in second place. European business school students ranked L’Oréal fifth and the company ranked sixth among all the European students surveyed.

These results are a significant improvement over last year’s rankings. In the 2001 survey, L’Oréal ranked ninth among European students, and was in sixth place among students from top French universities and professional schools. L’Oréal’s strong upward trend thus continues: in the last five years, the Group has moved up ten notches.

Shared values

The worldwide economic situation may be rocky, but L’Oréal is reaping the benefits of a clear, determined strategy. Consistently good results, successful international development and a solid manufacturing base attest to the company’s wise, dynamic management. The group’s Human Resource teams are active everywhere in the student world, particularly through the Marketing Award and the online strategic game “L’Oréal E-Strat Challenge”-more points in L’Oréal’s favor. As the Universum survey shows, the overwhelming majority of top European students have a similar goal: they want the opportunity to embark on an international career. These aspirations fit in perfectly with L’Oréal’s policies regarding professional and geographical mobility. Two key figures speak for themselves: 400 managers from 50 different countries work and live in a country other than the one they were hired in; two-thirds of the executives who joined L’Oréal in the past five years have changed positions within the company. For a long time, the best European students were mostly attracted to careers in consulting and communications. Now, however, L’Oréal’s values and perspectives have made the Group a leading choice among leading students.