Universum Awards 2003: increased attractiveness

In the 2003 Universum survey, L’Oréal moved up to 2ndplace in the companies that European business school students would most like to work for and in the top 50 companies chosen by American students.

N°2 company to work for in 2003

For European undergrads in the field of business, L’Oreal is considered the number 2 company to work for in 2003, up from 5th place in 2002. Among science and engineering students, the Group has made an even more impressive jump: from 34th place in 2002 all the way to 14th place in 2003.

And the Group’s reputation isn’t just faring well on the continent where it all began. This year, for the first time, L’Oreal made the list of the top 50 companies to work for among both MBA students and undergraduates in the U.S.

Cross-border experience

What do students from top schools expect from jobs at these companies? Criteria vary, but several key expectations stand out. Most attach a great deal of importance to working in an international environment, and cross-border experience is prized. They also look for companies that will challenge them. Firms known for assigning managerial responsibility to younger employees get higher approval ratings, as do firms that don’t stint on giving new arrivals demanding, stimulating jobs.

Students were impressed by companies that encourage a good balance between professional life and personal life. Things like flexible hours were highly appreciated.

Along with the quality of the employer-employee relationship, what are the other qualities that top graduates consider? Naturally, companies that are market leaders are seen as attractive potential employers. Students also favor firms that are perceived as dynamic, businesses that continually develop, adapt and evolve. A company’s reputation at the student’s school was also part of the mix. News from alumnae hired by the company as well as the opinions of other students and professors were important factors.

6,780 students surveyed

“The European Graduate Survey: Top Ideal Employers for 2003” is the result of interviews with 6,780 business, engineering and science students from 80 respected universities throughout Europe. The European MBA Survey is based on interviews with 768 students from 16 of the 22 schools chosen as the best MBA programs by the Financial Times. Similar studies are conducted among American undergrads and MBA students.