Quality of life at work, L’Oréal ranks at the top

The French weekly magazine-Le Nouvel Observateur has published a survey on satisfaction at work. L’Oréal ranks first among the 75 French companies recognized for the quality of life and working conditions that they offer their employees.

Maximum recognition for L’Oréal

The French magazine indicates overall champions: L’Oréal, and pharmaceutical laboratory Sanofi Synthélabo (in which L’Oréal detains about 19.5% of its capital), which tie for the number one ranking.

L’Oréal was awarded the maximum stars in this investigation for its level of remuneration, career management for the executives, job offers for non-executive staff, relationships between unions and management, and equal opportunity policies.

Outside of France, L’Oréal has also been recognized in recent years as a good company to work for. It was positioned number one, last July, by the Spanish weekly magazine Actualidad Economica in its annual ranking carried out with KPMG and the Banesto Bank. L’Oréal was also rated by Fortune Magazine last year as one of the "10 Best Companies to Work for in Europe..."

Companies with a great work environment…

To answer the question « what is a company where people enjoy working» the journalists from the Nouvel Observateur led a month-long investigation speaking with employees, union representatives and senior management of the selected companies. Four criteria were defined to evaluate the companies: work conditions (schedule, salary, contracts…), professional training and career perspectives, quality of dialogue between employees and management, and equal professional opportunity. These journalists have published this work.

A theme that makes the news

The question of happiness at work is a topical one. In France two opinion polls were conducted in the early summer, one for the monthly magazine Enjeux-Les Echos, the other for the « Ethic » movement (Entreprises de taille humaine indépendantes et de croissance, small and medium size independent growth companies). Both have come up with the same figure: 89% of French workers « have a good opinion of their company. » But the assertion needs to be balanced.

Criteria differ completely from one person to the other: while some favor free time, others place more value on high salaries or the opportunities for success without diplomas. Besides, the top management is just as important as the company to determine satisfaction on the workplace.

"The most important thing for an employee is to find the company adapted to his or her profile, » explains Maurice Thévenet, professor at the French business school Essec and author of a book on « the pleasure of working."