L’Oréal, n° 1 pour le développement des talents

L’Oréal ranked first for the promotion of leaders.

L'Oréal tops the ranking of the consulting firm Hewitt's "Top Companies for Leaders in Europe". Conducted this fall, the survey covered 110 of the largest European companies in order to identify best practices in terms of talent development. This Group acquired its top position thanks to its scores in the key criteria identified by the consulting firm. L'Oréal stands out in particular for its strategy and policy on talent detection, promotion and development. In the words of François Vachey, Vice-President in charge of Human Resources: "Our primary goal is to attract the highest potential, and then build a tailored career plan which offers staff regular challenges and provides them with all the resources required to achieve their full potential and become future leaders. Chairman and CEO Lindsay Owen-Jones and all the members of the Management Committee are absolutely committed to promoting these talents." The commitment to developing high potential employees is one of the most important criteria used to establish the ranking of the top 10 companies. The survey highlights the importance of detecting high potential early in an employee's career. The diversity of experience these future managers face during their professional development is also a key element of the training process. The Hewitt study confirmed that the highest ranked companies offer the greater opportunities for development. It also highlights the need for internal or external training programs to develop the talent of future managers. Remuneration is naturally linked to performance, but the survey also demonstrates the need to reward young talent as well as established leaders for their involvement in the training of the new generation of leaders. Another key point is the importance of internal promotion. The chairmen of the companies ranked among the top 10 had all made their careers within their companies