European business students’ top pick

For the first time, two surveys, "Universum" and "Trendence" have ranked L’Oréal as the "preferred employer" of future graduates of the major European business schools . The group ranked 5th in 2002 and 2nd in 2003.

L’Oréal has made it to the top-ranking position in not one but two student surveys. Both the Universum and Trendence studies poll graduating students in a variety of fields from schools and universities in Europe. European business students in both polls chose L’Oréal as their ideal employer.

L’Oréal’s Rapid Climb to the Top

Highly ranked for a number of years in the Universum survey, L’Oréal has now achieved the ultimate distinction. Last year the survey placed L’Oréal in the number two position, up from fifth place in 2002. Until overtaken by L’Oréal this year, the same international consulting firm had consistently occupied the top-ranking position since the survey was begun in 1995.

A number of factors distinguish the companies in the top five. Students associate market success, exciting products or services and innovative solutions with the companies they would most like to work for. As well, they see the top companies as firms that offer good career references, international career opportunities, increasingly challenging tasks, competitive compensation and managerial responsibility.

Conducted by Universum Communications, the Universum Graduate Survey 2004, Pan-European Edition polled more than 10,000 students—5,101 in Engineering or Sciences and 5,219 in Business—from 100 universities in Europe. Universum also conducts studies in the United States and this year’s result put L’Oréal in the top twenty companies chosen by American business undergraduate students.

Trendence Survey Also Puts L’Oréal in the Lead

Business students responding to the Trendence European Student Barometer 2004 also ranked L’Oréal as the company they would most like to work for because it offers interesting work opportunities, rapid promotions and an international and successful environment. Trendence mainly conducts its survey online and results are statistically weighted toward Europe’s five largest economies. According to their field of study, students from Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom are asked to select six firms from a list of 100 international companies. Overall, more than 12,000 students participated this year, including 4,146 business students.

Trendence pollsters drew attention to the overall change in students’ attitudes toward the types of companies they would most like to work for. Formerly, consulting and financial services companies were consistently ranked at the top. The fact that, L’Oréal, a manufacturer of consumer goods, placed first this year is considered a significant development.