"Reveal by L’Oréal" Rewarded

This year, the ACCE together with the ANDRH, Le Monde and Le Point recognized the most creative HR communication campaigns.

The uniqueness of this award is that the jury is exclusively composed of HR professionals. This year the HRDs analyzed carefully the originality of the message, the aesthetic of the visuals and the strategic approach and selected among more then 100 applicants the best campaigns for categories such as Print Employer Campaign, Digital Employer Campaign, Internal Communication and Communication Disability & Diversity.

L’Oréal was rewarded with bronze for the new online business game, « REVEAL by L’Oréal » for the category "Digital Employer Campaign". "REVEAL by L’Oréal" is the lastest innovation of L’Oréal in terms of business games and it has been created to help Gen Y students and graduates define their professional preferences and to explore their suitability for different types of career within L’Oréal.

In a Web 2.0 world where virtual and real lives are mixed, each participant is invited to reveal his/her talents while tackling the L’Oréal company culture.

Visit REVEAL website on reveal-thegame.com

Visit REVEAL website on reveal-thegame.com