"Shareholder and Social Responsibility" prize

L’Oréal awarded the special "Shareholder and Social Responsibility" prize in the "Share Grand Prix Awards", organized by Mieux Vivre Votre Argent in partnership with Vigeo.

In its Best Companies for Shareholders awards, the editorial team of French personal finance magazine, Mieux Vivre Votre Argent, has rewarded L'Oréal, particularly for its social commitments as well as its respect for human rights and the environment. The group obtained for the second time the best score in shareholder and social responsibility, and improved its score in terms of social responsibility.

The prize, awarded on October 8, 2010, also stresses the quality of the links the group is building with its individual shareholders whilst acknowledging initiatives such as the Individual Shareholder Consultation Committee which was created at the beginning of 2010.

The competition participants are amongst the “Top 100” companies followed by Mieux Vivre Votre Argent. They are the largest market capitalisations and the most active companies on the Paris stock exchange.

The award was presented to Mr Jean Régis Carof, Director of Shareholder and Market Authority Relations, by Mrs Nicole Notat, President of Vigeo.