L’Oréal receives the "Ethical Corporation 2011 Award"

On May 3rd, 2011, in London, the second "Responsible Business Award" Ceremony was organized byEthical Corporation : the European reference magazine for Ethics. Over 100 entries were received.

There were over 200 entries from more than 30 countries this year covering several categories. L'Oréal received the "Ethical Corporation 2011 Award" for its innovative reporting in the area of responsible business and sustainable development. Our candidature emphasized on our ethics of excellence and transparency in our communication. The award was presented at the ceremony by Ethical Corporation founder Toby WEBB to Mr. LULIN, Group Director of Ethics. "It is for us a great encouragement" says Emmanuel LULIN, "transparency is, with courage, one of the two virtues which support L’OREAL’s fundamental values: integrity, respect and the pursuit of excellence. These values must continue to guide our relationships with our stakeholders." To learn more, visit the leading European journal on ethics