An ambitious EHS organisation
Social and Societal Responsability

The implementation of a strengthened organisation allows the International EHS, Environment, Health and Safety Department to cover all fields of business throughout the world with a single reference system.


Interview with Miguel Castellanos, International Director of Hygiene, Safety and the Environment, L'Oréal

« To pursue its ambitious policy successfully, the group has an Environment, Health and Safety Manager for each geographic zone (North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa-Middle East and Europe) whose task is to assure that the group’s EHS(1) standards are implemented. These zone EHS Managers liaise with the International EHS Department.

Since this organisation was introduced in December 2010, the International EHS Department, reporting to the group’s Operations Division, has been able to cover all fields of business throughout the world with a single reference EHS system. The results are more than encouraging: the target of a 25% reduction in accidents set for 2011 has been exceeded. In 2011, the number of accidents fell by 36.8%. he ultimate target of “zero accidents” remains to be achieved.

To attain it, L’Oréal needs to maintain a safety culture of the very highest standard of excellence. Our ambition is to be one of the best companies in the world in terms of environment, health and safety.

Because our goal is to be a community-spirited company, we have a duty to be responsible not only to our customers, our suppliers and our 68,000 employees, but also the communities with whom we carry out our business.”

L'Oréal's 6 EHS Principles

1. Committing to “zero accidents”
2. Being proactive and exemplary
3. Respecting the environment in all our activities
4. Nothing justifies a risk of injury at work
5. Management is responsible for the safety of its staff and must show this in the field
6. Contributing to our safety at work and that of our colleagues

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