Digital for all

L’Oréal pursues its digitisation by rolling out a training programme whose aim is to improve the "digital IQ" of the group's talents and brands. Analysis by Cécile Mien, Digital Programme Training Director.

Cécile MIEN, Director of Digital Program Training, L'Oréal


Digital for everyone

Digital for everyone.

Who is the target of the "Digital Programme"?

Cécile Mien: As indicated by the "all" in "Digitall", the programme is aimed at all employees. Each of its 8 modules is intended for all trades in all of the world's regions. Their content is tailored to each country's digital maturity.

What actions were undertaken in 2011 in the framework of this programme?

C.M.Our major initiatives include Digitall Marketing 2.0 and Digitall Reverse Mentoring respectively for Marketing, Communication, and Research trades and for Management Committees. . Digitall Marketing 2.0 is the cornerstone of the programme.

This programme is available in different formats for the 3 separate targets which are Executive Committees, Marketing/Communication/Research Directors and their teams in order to share a new marketing model in the digital era at all levels. In 2011, 7 sessions were already held in Europe, the USA and Asia. The programme's deployment will be accelerated quantitatively and geographically in 2012.

Digitall Reverse Mentoring is a one-on-one mentoring programme for Management Committee members that is organised around sessions with young mentors. It is an exchange that will allow the "mentorees" to identify trends and understand the habits of new consumers. 120 mentor-mentoree pairs have been created to date and feedback has been extremely positive.

Once these phases have been crossed, countries can roll out, on the local level, the Digitall Planet thematic seminars, the goal of which is to provide teams with knowledge about subjects such as social media, e-business, searches, etc. Of course, digital experts have not been forgotten: a seminar on e-reputation and e-influence has been specifically designed for them by the digital HR team and other initiatives are in the pipeline.

What are the next steps?

C.M.In 2012, the Digitall Programme's deployment will be accelerated and new modules will be developed for new targets and particularly sales representatives.

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