L’Oréal gives its employees the opportunity to air their veiws

Values, well-being, quality of management, innovation, etc. In order to be tuned into its employees' expectations even more, for the first time L'Oréal is conducting a truly global survey among its employees.

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Giving the floor to the employees to invent the L’Oréal of the future

This dialogue-based initiative began in Asia in 2003 and continued between 2006 and 2008 in 31 countries, with the involvement of more than 26,000 employees. The current "PULSE" opinion poll began in September 2011 and will run until September 2012.

Country-specific mobilisation campaigns

This year, in a bid to maximise employee participation, countries have come up with ever more ingenious methods to publicise launch of the survey. In Latin America, a "Pulse Day" was organised in order to demonstrate the anonymous nature of the survey to employees. Countries in Northern Europe used a range of communication channels to get employees on board, even texting reminders that they had a genuine say on the matter.

In Pakistan, photos of employees having participated in Pulse were even shared between them by email, accompanied by messages such as "Ambreen has already said his piece but what about you?".

Finally, L'Oréal USA deployed a comprehensive system to remind employees of the importance of Pulse, entailing messages from management, a dedicated mini-site, interviews explaining Pulse on the intranet and on-site events. No effort was spared to encourage employees to give their opinion. All of these initiatives bore fruit since the second series of surveys which has just ended involved nearly 37,000 employees in 68 countries with an average rate over 80%, reaching 100% in some countries.

Intended objective

L'Oréal gives its employees a voice

The insights gathered in the survey are intended for conversion into concrete action by working groups in each country. By way of example, it is worth citing the ideas which emerged from the first series of surveys conducted in 2003: advice on time management, car-sharing schemes and personal "training passports", etc. The current survey will be conducted within the group through to October 2012.

Key Figures

To date:

  • 36,.900 employees invited in 68 countries (81% response rate -29,900 employees)
  • To come:

  • 11,700 employees will be invited in France in September 2012

L'Oréal gives its employees a voice

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