L’Oréal Announces Two Important Changes In The Group’S General Management Group

Jean-Paul Agon, Chief Executive Officer, announces two important changes in the group's General Management: Jean-Jacques Lebel, becomes Executive Vice-President Consumer Products succeeding Patrick Rabain, who is retiring, and Nicolas Hiéronimus is succeeding Jean-Jacques Lebel as Managing Director of the Professional Products division.

At the start of 2008, after 34 years with L’Oréal, the departure of Patrick Rabain means that Jean-Paul Agon is appointing two new heads at two of its divisions: Consumer Products and Professional Products.

Patrick Rabain will be retiring at the end of February 2008. After beginning his career at L’Oréal in 1973 as Head of Marketing Studies at L’Oréal Paris, Patrick Rabain was successively appointed Marketing Director of L’Oréal Paris, Director of L’Oréal United Kingdom, Director of L’Oréal Germany and Director of Consumer Products France. Since 1996 he has been Executive Vice-President of the Consumer Products Division.
"Patrick Rabain is clearly one of the major figures in the history of L’Oréal. Working closely from his early days with Lindsay Owen-Jones, he has played a leading role in our company's development throughout a career entirely devoted to Consumer Products, driving its growth tremendously by maximising the power of its major brands and successfully rolling them out on all continents," said Jean-Paul Agon.

Jean-Jacques Lebel, is succeeding Patrick Rabain. He joined L’Oréal in 1981 as Managing Director of L’Oréal Paris in Great Britain. He was then successively appointed Managing Director of Laboratoires Garnier France, Director of L’Oréal United Kingdom and Managing Director of the Latin America zone. In 2001, he became Executive Vice-President Professional Products. From March 1st 2008, he will be Executive Vice-President Consumer Products.
Jean-Paul Agon commented: "The career of Jean-Jacques Lebel has been exceptional. In his 6 years at the Professional Products Division, he has strongly developed and modernised the division, which under his leadership has considerably accelerated its growth, increasing the lead it enjoys over its competitors. L’Oréal is today, more than ever before, world number one. Through his outstanding personal qualities, the richness of his experience and the exemplary success of his career, Jean-Jacques Lebel is a completely legitimate successor to Patrick Rabain".

Nicolas Hiéronimus is to succeed Jean-Jacques Lebel at the Professional Products Division. He has spent his whole career with L’Oréal. After joining the marketing department of Garnier and Gemey/Maybelline at the age of 23, he was appointed in 1993 Marketing Director for Laboratoires Garnier in France, and then Managing Director of Garnier/Maybelline in Great Britain, before becoming Managing Director of L’Oréal Paris France. In 2000, Nicolas Hiéronimus became the first International Managing Director of the L’Oréal Paris brand, overseeing its strategic development and globalisation. From 2005 to 2007, he was in charge of L’Oréal Mexico. In January 2008, Jean-Paul Agon is appointing him Managing Director of the Professional Products Division, and says: "Nicolas Hiéronimus has already had a formidably successful 21-year career at L'Oréal, during which he has demonstrated not only outstanding management skills and leadership, but also great qualities of strategic vision and innovative thinking".

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