Recruiting: a forceful policy
Social and Societal Responsability

The search for new talents and employee retention meet a same requirement: make people a central value in L’Oréal's development, by developing an extremely dynamic recruiting policy.

An active recruitment policy

The dynamics of internships and apprenticeships

Over the past several years, L’Oréal has sought to promote strong ties as early as the hiring process. That is why the EurOpportunity programme offers 6- to 12-month internships in Europe. Over 50 interns from this programme thus joined L’Oréal in 2011. At the same time, the VIE (international volunteers abroad) programme, which was already open to Latin America and Asia, has just been expanded to the Middle East with new opportunities in Dubai and Cairo for 35 positions in total. Furthermore, L’Oréal offered 28 positions to international MBA graduates in 2011.

Apprentices actually make up 5.02% of the workforce in France. For L’Oréal, this is a way of granting recognition to field training, knowledge transmission and team work. A network of 2,000 tutors thus monitors the apprentices' progress. L’Oréal began applying this groundbreaking policy back in 1993. It does not take into account the students' level of studies.

Business games for detecting talent

How can the company promote the business of L’Oréal and its brands on international campuses while spotting new talents?

L’Oréal Brandstorm, a groundbreaking business game created by the group 20 years ago, visits 270 schools and universities each year in over 40 countries all over the world so students can learn about the various aspects of the position of international marketing director. In 2011, over 170 employees were hired thanks to the competition, which attracted over 7,000 international participants. In 2012, students will discover a new case study involving the brand The Body Shop, for which - with the support of the L’Oréal marketing teams and an external creative agency - they will have to present a new product marketing strategy in line with the brand's values and commitments.

As its name indicates, Reveal acts as a talent detector. The objective of this online platform is twofold: help each student best define his own career plan and allow L’Oréal recruiters to detect high-potential individuals. Reveal assesses to what extent students from various disciplines and with various backgrounds fit into the L’Oréal corporate culture. Each participant takes on the fictional role of a project manager at L’Oréal. Immersed in the reality of business, the latter thus discovers the wide panorama of available trades in situ. It is an opportunity for students to learn first-hand about realities that can have very little to do with their initial training. It is also a recruiting opportunity for the Group, which can invite the talents that are spotted to come and discover their country's L’Oréal offices to meet its team members and local recruiters. Nearly 100,000 international participants have taken part in Reveal and approximately 200 young talents have been recruited since it was created in 2010.

Banking on potential

  • Local billboard for the Reveal recruitment game
  • Local Reveal finals in Russia
  • Local Reveal finals in Mexico
  • Local Reveal finals in Canada

Building skills and monitoring each individual's career is a major challenge for human resources management at L’Oréal. It is sometimes a difficult investment but with rewards that are reaped over the long term. Thanks to the "Pépinière" project, management programmes for recent graduates were thus developed for 622 new recruits last year, building a rich pool of talents and establishing succession planning.

  • Local billboard for the Reveal recruitment game
  • Local Reveal finals in Russia
  • Local Reveal finals in Mexico
  • Local Reveal finals in Canada

Key Figures

  • 13th position worldwide in Universum ranking in 2011
  • 5.02% of French worforce made up by apprentices
  • 170 recruitments thanks to Brandstorm in 2011
  • 200 recruitments thanks to Reveal since 2010

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