L’Oreal Launches Its Mobile Financial Information Site Group

L’Oréal presents loreal-finance.com mobile edition, a ground-breaking financial information site for mobile Internet users.

Determined to constantly improve the accessibility and availability of the financial information it provides, the group is launching loreal-finance.com mobile edition, a special version of its financial site for users of Personal Digital Assistant terminals (PDA).

The new service means that all the group's financial information can be downloaded from the loreal-finance.com site on to a PDA terminal free of charge. Most of the information available on the loreal-finance.com site – financial news releases, key figures and key data, financial information schedule, past share price performance – is now continuously accessible to users even if they are not connected.
The PDA is synchronised in a few minutes from a computer with an Internet connection, or using a compatible mobile phone.

loreal-finance.com mobile edition is a new step forward as the group keeps on improving the way it provides financial information.

In the words of Mr Michel SOMNOLET, Executive Vice-President CFO, CAO of the group: "Financial information must be permanently accessible everywhere and at all times. This is why L'Oréal has decided to innovate by making this new service available for the convenience of financial professionals and the shareholder community."

L’Oréal has always been an Internet trailblazer, and created its dedicated financial site in 1997. A wide range of services is now available on loreal-finance.com: an interactive, updated Annual Report, and many interactive functions for communication, downloading and personalisation. The financial site Gold Award winner in 2002 (Boursoscan), the loreal-finance.com site together with its new mobile user version loreal-finance.com mobile edition are further improving the way the group provides financial information.

For further information, please contact your bank, broker or financial institution, or consult your usual newspapers or the Internet site for shareholders and investors, www.loreal-finance.com; alternatively, call the free phone number: 0 800 66 66 66 L'OREAL – 41 rue Martre – 92117 CLICHY– France.