L’Oreal Sends Support To Maud Fontenoy After Her Yacht, L’Oreal Paris, Is Dismasted In The Indian Ocean Group

Clichy 11 February 2007 - L'Oreal, the main sponsor of Maud Fontenoy's challenge to circumnavigate the world against the currents on her yacht, 'L'Oreal Paris', has sent a 35m boat, carrying a crew of eight, to meet up with the yachtswoman, after the yacht was dismasted in the Indian Ocean.

Teams from L'Oreal Australia were quick to ensure that a support boat, the 'Thakka', left the port of Perth today at 15h00 local time (08h00 Paris) carrying essential equipment that could be used to assist Maud Fontenoy. Supplies on board included food and water, as well as fuel reserves, for use as a last resort should she wish to start up the yacht's engines.

The support boat 'Thakka' is set to reach Maud on Thursday, after a journey of 1600km, the distance currently standing between 'L'Oreal Paris' and the Australian coast.

L'Oreal has reiterated its total support for Maud Fontenoy and remains in close contact with Marc Fontenoy, the yachtswoman's father, the French Navy and the Australian search and rescue organization.